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ICM is an acronym for Independent Chip Model. The ICM is considered the best way to compute the equities for situations where players have different odds of winning and there are different amounts that can be won in each payout spot.


What does ICM stand for?

While we can't guarantee the software is perfect, the authors themselves have used it during live tournament final tables in order to help them make deals. We actually use our own software! Amazing concept, right?

How good is Poker DealMaker at what it does?

No. You should only enter the chips stacks for the players that are still remaining. You should also only enter the payouts that have not yet been allocated.

Does it matter if some players have already been paid out?

If you can see the screen, its ready! No need for a calculate button. Poker DealMaker ICM has a highly optimized algorithm designed so that it runs on the iPhone as fast as possible. And if you go back and make changes to the number of players or prize pool, it will automatically recalculate the correct deal for you by the time you get back to the results screen.

I don't see a calculate button on the Results screen. How do I know when its ready?

That stands for "information". Basically its a way for you to get help for each screen that you are on. Just press the "i" icon and you will be shown help for that screen. Press it again to make the help go away.

What does the little "i" icon in the lower right mean?

You can email support with any questions or to report bugs or feature requests.

I have a question that is not answered here

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Yes, Poker DealMaker ICM is only available as an iPhone application. We are not supporting any other platforms currently.

Is the iPhone the only platform you support?