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Have you ever been at a final table in a poker tournament, satellite, home game, or SitnGo and wanted to make a deal but you weren't sure what a fair deal would be? Or someone else suggested a deal and you accepted only to wonder later if you made the right deal? How do you know what the right deal is when each player has a different stack size and each place pays out a different amount?

Poker DealMaker ICM solves this problem, making sure that when it comes time to make a deal, you will have the advantage by knowing exactly what the equity is for each player left in the tournament. Even better, once you see what the default deal is, Poker DealMaker lets you create your own adjusted deal, so you can try out different scenarios.

Poker DealMaker is available exclusively as an iPhone application and can be purchased on the Apple iPhone store by clicking here:



  1. 1.Rapid data entry for players and prize pool so you get a deal fast.

  2. 2.Highly optimized Independent Chip Model (ICM) calculation for fast and accurate results.

  3. 3.Make your own deal: change the payout to any player and see right away which players are getting better than average deals.

  4. 4.Auto saves all inputs and your custom deal so if you need to quit the app and come back your data is there ready to go.

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